Professional Services

If you relate to more than one of the statements below, we need to talk!

  • My team/organization is growing and my operations are getting out of control
  • I am losing business because I lose track of prospects and customers
  • We work hard but we are constantly getting in each other’s way
  • I have vision for my organization but not sure how to bring it to life.
  • I don’t have an efficient way to bring new hires up to speed
  • I have a big project underway but do not have capacity to deliver it successfully
  • I need to prepare documentation to request proposals from software vendors
  • I am facing resistance from my team to move my strategic plans forward
  • I want my team to work starter and seamlessly to achieve our business goals

With any of these, I can help!  I am a certified, experienced Project Manager Professional (PMP) who brings over 15 years of experience improving teams’ internal processes, analyzing business system needs, managing projects, leading stakeholders thru change, delivering training and creating effective business documentation.

My services include:

  • Business Process & Systems Analysis– Review how you work now (As-Is), identify waste and opportunities within your current operations, and design a streamlined process with a customer-centered view for your organization. Gather and document system requirements (RFP’s) prior to evaluating vendors. Analyze process/system/data gaps between current and proposed technology solutions. Create business use cases, user stories, requirement specifications, and user test scripts.
  • Project Management & Change Management-Full or partial involvement on initiating, planning, executing, monitoring /controlling, and closing your project. Assist with stakeholder assessment, engagement, and communication management. Drive adoption across your organization.
  • Documentation-Create business process flow charts, detail procedures, operational heck lists, visual management aids, playbooks, on-boarding materials, clean-up, end-user training, quick-start guides, troubleshooting documentation, and organize your document system or knowledge base.
  • Consulting: Workshop facilitation: process deep dives, strategy creation and deployment, vision & mission, Kaisen events, value-stream mapping, product roadmap definition sessions, process and new systems training.


Austin, TX